En av kurserna inom ITIL® Service Lifecycle


  • Introduction to Service Transition
  • Full understanding of Service Transition terms and core concepts.
  • The context of Service Transition in relation to all other lifecycle stages.
  • Service Transition principles
  • Service Transition policies, principles and best practices for Service Transition.
  • How to use metrics to ensure the quality of a new or changed service.
  • The inputs to and outputs from Service Transition as it interfaces with the other service lifecycle phases.
  • Service Transition processes
  • Service Transition principles, techniques and relationships and their application to ensure new, modified or retired services.
  • A management perspective of the purpose and value of the service transition processes, how they integrate within service transition and how they interface with other lifecycle phases.
  • Managing people through service transitions
  • Service Transition principles, techniques and relationships and their application to ensure new, modified or retired services.
  • How to address and manage the communication and commitment aspects of Service Transition.
  • How to manage organizational and stakeholder changeHow to develop a stakeholder management strategy, map and analyse stakeholders and monitor changes in stakeholder commitment.
  • Organizing for Service Transition
  • How the technical and application management functions interface with service transition.
  • The interfaces that exist between service transition and other organizational units (including programmes, projects, service design and suppliers) and the “handover points”Service transition roles and responsibilities.
  • Why service transition needs service design and service operation, what it uses from them and provides to them.
  • Technology Considerations
  • Technology requirements that support the service transition stage and its integration into the service lifecycle.
  • Types of knowledge management, service asset and configuration management and workflow tools that can be used to support service transition.
  • Implementing and improving Service Transition
  • The key activities for introducing an integrated service transition approach into an organization.
  • The design, creation, implementation and use of service transition in a virtual or cloud environment.
  • Challenges, critical success factors and risks
  • Be able to provide insight and guidance for service transition challenges, risks and critical success factors

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