Antifragile, Architecture, ComplexityAdvanced Cloud Architecture

Catch up to the cloud and overtake

Program day 1–4

The course introduces residuality theory, at the cutting edge of architecture research. This is based on Complexity Science and Systems Engineering concepts, and shows how these can be woven in to the architect’s design process to design and build better systems.

Day 1 – Introduction to residuality theory

  • What is Residuality Theory?
  • The Philosophy of Residuality Theory
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Complexity and Uncertainty in software
  • Resilience and antifragility

Day 2 – Introduction to Cloud

  • How to learn in ’The Cloud’
  • Distributed systems
  • Coupling and design decisions
  • Important components
  • Choosing components

Day 3 – Residuality and Design in the Cloud

  • Stressor analysis
  • Flow First Design
  • Contagion Analysis
  • Labs

Day 4 – Cloud Systems Engineering

  •  Testing you design
  • DevOps in the cloud
  • Conclusion & Next Steps

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