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The seminar/webinar will give an introduction to Antifragile Systems Design – a set of techniques and practices that allow us to design resilient systems under conditions of volatility and uncertainty – perfect for companies that need to build modern systems in fast changing markets on quickly evolving technology platforms.  

Based loosely on the book ‘Anti-fragile’ by Nicholas Nassim Taleb, we look at how his theories on fragility and the ability to withstand shocks can be interpreted to help us design, produce, and manage better systems that can help us deal not only with failures, but also with rapidly changing markets and expectations in modern software development.

  • Agenda
  • Understanding volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity as the major inputs to design
  • The role of Systems Engineering in architecting modern solutions
  • Why we need to spend more time on system behaviour and less time on System Functionality
  • The role of architectural decision making in the resulting behaviour of a system
  • Short introduction to our course Antifragile Architecture. We offer two tracks for the course, one in Azure and one in Amazon.

What you will take with you from the lecture: 

An understanding of what Antifragile Systems Design involves, and how it can be leveraged to build better and more flexible systems, and the next steps you need to take.  


Barry O’Reilly is the founder of Black Tulip Technology and creator of ”Antifragile System Design”. He has held Chief Architect roles at Microsoft's Western Europe Consultancy Practice and IDesign, been Microsoft’s IOT TAP Lead for Western Europe, and Worldwide Lead for Microsoft’s Solution Architecture Community. He has also been a startup CTO, and was a founder of Sweden’s Azure User Group.

Practical information

There are limited places for the on site lecture so please book early to ensure your seat.

Sandwiches and coffée will be served from 8 am for those who will attend on site. The webinar/seminar starts at 8.30 am and ends at 10 am.


This seminar is based on the course Antifragile Architecture. We offer three tracks for the course, in AzureAmazon and Business.

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