Certification program for software product managers

Detailed content product strategy – excellence level 

  • Introduction   
  • Software as a Business
  • Relevant terms, role, objectives
  • Software Product Management Overview (Framework)
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Business Models in the Software Industry 
  • Business models and their structure
  • Some typical business models and their differences
  • Business models, revenue streams, activities and resources
  • Customer Segments and Value Proposition     
  • Target customer segments
  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Creating compelling value propositions
  • Whole product concept including add-on products and services
  • Partnerships and the Software Ecosystem
  • Software Ecosystems and their structure
  • Ecosystem stakeholders
  • Ecosystem relationships – in particular partnerships
  • Strategies of different companies in a software ecosystem
  • Channels
  • SPM role with regard to channel strategy
  • Nature and characteristics of channels
  • “Whole product” concept, business relationships and delivery models
  • Development of a comprehensive sales channel strategy
  • Competition and Other Alternatives 
  • Identifying competitive advantage of product/service
  • Methods for identifying competition
  • Impact from competitive analysis on SPM decision regarding: product definition, pricing, roadmapping
  • Development of competitive strategy
  • Revenue Streams
  • Flexibility in definition of revenue streams
  • Hybrid revenue models
  • Key attributes of revenue streams and their definition: compensator, effect, rating and charging
  • Application of the pricing pyramid
  • Static and dynamic concept for pricing strategies
  • Building revenue models based on extrapolation from the past vs bottom-up model
  • Cost structure
  • Building business cases
  • Structure of income statement and major cost drivers
  • Concept of “low marginal cost” and how this enables the business models that are unique for SW
  • Building a financial model
  • Business measures, KPIs and risk management
  • Business measures, KPIs and risk management
  • Business performance management
  • Different risks and strategies to handle them
  • How to define and select relevant business measures
  • Legal Aspects
  • Difference between a software license and a service contract
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Legal aspects of open source SW
  • Legal aspects of data protection

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