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Architecture for Distributed Systems and Cloud

This three day course covers the basic components of cloud architectures with a focus on Platform as a Service. At the end of this course architects and developers should feel confident making decisions about which components to choose for different situations and how to manage quality in their solutions.


Cloud is not just a hosting solution offered by large American companies but represents a huge shift in architectural thinking that appears to have gone unnoticed across most of the industry. Even if an organisation is not planning to work with major cloud vendors in the near future the concepts, patterns, and thinking behind cloud architecture will still dramatically impact how architects design systems in the coming years.


This is a tough transition with a growing dependence on the ideas of service orientation and distributed systems. Modern software applications will have a fundamentally different approach to scalability, data management, security and identity and management as a result of the ideas that have surfaced first in cloud architectures. This leads to a blurring of the lines between traditional silos across network, infrastructure, software and security.


Cloud represents a fundamental shift in how we think about and perform architecture.


Cloud architecture is a dynamic subject that places new demands on architects. This course aims to make the transition from classic on-premise architecture to cloud architectures easier. It introduces the basic building blocks of cloud architectures and importantly sets them in the context of distributed systems, allowing the participants to independently make architecture decisions. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services platforms are used to demonstrate the principles.


This course will give architects the tools they need to make confident choices about cloud components. Participants will learn techniques to manage scalability, availability, monitoring, cost, and quality of cloud applications. The material focuses on the aspects of cloud components that are relevant to architectural decision making and focuses on the role of the architect when delivering cloud applications.


Cloud Architecture Fundamentals will give participants a higher degree of confidence when working with cloud projects. It will be especially useful for organisations where a strategic decision to move to cloud has been taken but architects have not been exposed to cloud architecture earlier.

  • Target audience:
  • Developers
  • Architects

Course leader


Barry O'Reilly

Barry O’Reilly is the founder of Black Tulip Technology and creator of residuality theory. He has held Chief Architect roles at Microsoft and IDesign, been Microsoft’s IOT TAP Lead for Western Europe, and Worldwide Lead for Microsoft’s Solution Architecture Community. He has also been a startup CTO, and was a founder of Sweden’s Azure User Group.



Recorded talk

Barry O'Reilly presents new tools for doing architecture, and new structures for teaching architecture, that can make it more modern and manageable.



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