Internationell utbildning för IT-arkitekterIASA - IT Architect Core

Growing the skills you need for client success

Module 1


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Define personal course objectives

  • Figure out who is going to enter the leaderboard challenge

  • Describe your customer

  • Define customer outcome goals

Module 2


  • Module 2: Business and Customer
  • Define a business model

  • Advise and lead using detailed knowledge of customer's customer

  • Define innovation in business

  • Understand your clients customer

Module 3


  • Module 3: Capabilities and Value
  • Describe your clients capabilities and how they impact services

  • Describe an innovative business case

  • Think in terms of client value from capabilities to customers

Module 4


  • Module 4: Roadmaps and Architecture
  • Get involved in the organizations investment roadmap to make recommendations

  • Define and develop and architecture description with the client

  • Develop, track and communicate benefits realization and measurement

  • Get buy off on new ideas as a trusted advisor



  • Module 5: Stories and Options
  • When Architects talk to other Architects and get challenged (eg. competitive, on features, etc), challenge back by asking thought provoking questions

  • Describe and define the relationship between options, decisions and requirements

  • Understand the current architecture landscape, evaluation of options and the development of a context and benefits realization view

  • Define and describe architecturally significant requirements. Be able to defend and describe the impact of the requirements and how it shapes the solution



  • Module 6: Structure and Assessment
  • Describe an architecture using multiple viewpoints to define its total shape and impacts in both functional and quality attributes

  • Use both formal and informal methods to analyze a peer and a customer architecture description.

  • Facilitate a design thinking session and mentor the customer through more holistic design methods



  • Module 7: Agile, Roles and Stakeholders
  • Define an agile team structure which optimizes a client engagement

  • Actively define architecture team roles, the extended team impacts and related activities

  • Define Stakeholders using multiple tools to better define a stakeholder management plan

  • When engaged in stakeholder interactions the architect should have a leadership persona and engage based on a deep understanding of stakeholder needs



  • Module 8: Deliverables and Engagement
  • Describe an architecture teams deliverables for an end to end process as a trusted advisor to business and leaders of execution.

  • Describe common elements of an engagement model for a client and how adaptations might impact their progress.

  • Describe critical processes for the architecture team at an organization.



  • Module 9: Putting It All Together
  • Define you customer outcomes and describe your wins and losses

  • Demonstrate changes in your behavior towards customers and businesses

  • Compile your team engagement model

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