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Arkitekturens framtid

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Attent this course to challenge the standards and ideas about what architecture is, and how you should approach it. Truly inspiring!

- Jerker, Verisure

It was intense, fun, interesting and mind opening! The course was filled with relevant examples to connect the theory with the real world!

- Daniel Siljevin, Solita

Very good course. Learned a lot of new angles on how to look at architechture. Intresting labs and good walkthrought.

- Marcus Hoc, Folksam

Well structured, well presented and clearly thought out. The practical labs definitely enhance the learning experience.

- Riccardo Benett - Lovsey, Qualis Flow - CTO

Väldigt bra och lärorik utbildning!

- Robert Carlsson, Folksam

Lot of new stuff for me, getting different perspective, especially liked the stressors analysis.

- Martin Gallik, Emattix

Changed my way of thinking regarding system architecture.

- Jürgen Pogac, Folskam

Really great course that covers a lot of aspects of system architecture

- Alexei Olatov, Netlight Consulting

This training is probably the most relevant and valuable for my career at this point. It provides the tools and ways of new thinking about complex systems and building architectures for them. I wish such things were taught at the universities.

- Genadij Trimailov, Forefront Consulting

Very satisfied! Learned a lot of tools that i will use in my project for sure. It also made me think in a new perspective regarding Azure and Service Orientation.

- Tom Söderman, Intelleqt Consulting, Software Developer

New modern thinking of architechture

- Wenke Aasvold

An updated set of skills and thinking when I practice the art of solutions architecture.

- Marko Holappa

A completely new way of looking at solution architecture. Empowered with having getting to know fellow piers in the architectural community.

- Fredrik Ringlander

If you have come to terms with that waterfall is not working and agile is not working well for architects then this is the course for you. This will make you use methods that truly work and will make you deliver architecture like you have not been able to do before. It s an enlightenment.

- Thomas af Forselles

Every architect who wants to keep up with good practices and way of working with complex systems should attend this course.

- Marko Holappa



Kommentarer om utbildningsledaren

Love Barry! Outstanding educator with tons of experience and knowledge behind the material. I love the way he interprets the current world of architecture and the way he puts forward a valid alternative to the current "standards". Definitely a big reason for taking this course!

- Jerker, Verisure

Very knowledgable in this area and very inspiring. You just want to get back to work and try out the techniques.

- Jens Strand, Tele2

Good knowledge-level on instructor. Knows what he talks about. Very good att explaining complicated subjects.

- Markus Hoc, Folksam

Great instructor with the ability to adapt the course to the attendees.

- Magnus Myrén, Folksam

Barry has done a great job at making this course like it were a group of friends meeting. The atmosphere was amazing and I think it helped people with sharing thoughts, ideas and problems and not afraid of being wrong.

- Genadij Trimailov, Forefront Consulting

Barry is an outstanding teacher. Easy to follow and understand. Elite level on Architecure knowledgment.

- Tom Söderman, Intelleqt Consulting, Software Developer

Barry is a great teacher

- Alexei Olatov, Netlight Consulting

Barry is very skilled in his field of expertise, but also has a very humble and pleaseant posture and acknowledges the diversity of the background of the participants.

- Fredrik Ringlander

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